The Udham Singh Reading Room is a project by artist Tajender Sagoo, on a relationship between Punjab, Britain and the present day. The visitor is invited to view, research and respond to the work, as presented in a non- linear construction of time. Found research is reconfigured in paper and cloth (print and weave) and with selected books, essays, articles and notes.

On 13th March 1940 Udham Singh (b.1899) killed Sir Michael O’Dwyer, a former Governor of Punjab at the time of the Amritsar Massacre in 1919, at Caxton Hall, Westminster, where a meeting of the East India Association and Royal Central Asian Society was being held, on Afghanistan: The Present Position.

While awaiting trial in Brixton Prison, Udham Singh (a.k.a Mohammed Singh Azad) went on a 42 day hunger strike. The trial lasted for two days. At the trial Mr. Justice Atkinson directed that nothing said in court should be published. In 1996-97 redacted documents from the trial were released (although there may be other files on him that remain closed). On the 31st July 1940 Udham Singh (alias Sher Singh, Udhan Singh, Ude Singh, Frank Brazil) was executed at Pentonville prison.

Tajender Sagoo has a strong interest in using craft, pattern and colour in a multi disciplinary approach. She investigates the relationships between objects and the ideas that they express, in the historical and modern experience.

* "do not try to change my name what so ever I have given you my name is Mohamed Singh Azad I do not care if any one say any thing let them go to hell But I want to keep my name." excerpt from a letter dated 16/3/1940, written while in Brixton prison, signed Mahamed Singh Azad.

* From Emergence Of The Image: Redact Documents Of Udham Singh By Avatar Singh Joul, Navtej Singh, National Book Organisation, New Delhi ( 2002)

Tajender Sagoo, Udham Singh Reading Room, Plan for a Poor House, screen print on newspaper, 2012.


Tajender Sagoo, Udham Singh Reading Room,screen print, handwoven beaverteen samples and selected essays, articles, 2012.

Tajender Sagoo, Udham Singh Reading Room,screen print, textile and selected essays, articles, 2012.

Tajender Sagoo, Udham Singh Reading Room, Nehru, Subhas Chandra Bose, screen print on posters and paper collage , 2012.

Tajender Sagoo, Udham Singh Reading Room, Bhagat Singh,screen print on poster, 2012.

Tajender Sagoo, Udham Singh Reading Room, 2012.

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Emergence of the Image: Redact Documents of Udham Singh by Avtar Singh Jouhl , Navtej Singh, National Book Organisation, New Delhi (2002)

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Tajender Sagoo, Udham Singh Reading Room, 2012.

Tajender Sagoo, Udham Singh Reading Room, Statement, screen print on newspaper, 2012.

Tajender Sagoo, Udham Singh Reading Room, Indira Gandhi, screen print on poster, selected essays, articles, 2012.


Articles in the Udham Singh Reading Room

Bhardwaj, Ajay. The absence in Punjabiyats spilt universe.

Chakrabarty, Dipesh, The Death of History? Historical Conciousness And The Culture Of Late Capitalism.

Chakrabarty Dipesh, Radical Histories and Questions Of Enlightenment Rationalism: Some Recent Critiques of "Subultern Studies".

Chakrabarty Dipesh, Postcoloniality and the Artifice of History: Who Speaks For "Indian" Pasts?.

Chatterjee, Partha, Colonialism Nationalism and Colonized Women the Contest in India.

Chatterjee, Partha, After Subultern Studies.

Chatterjee, Partha, For an Indian History of Peasant Struggle.

D'Souza, Rohan, Water in British India: The Making of a ' Colonial Hydrology'.

Das, Veena, Time, Self, and Community: Features of the Sikh Militant Discourse.

Dharambir, Relief measures during the Famine, SHODH SAMIKSHA AUR MULYANKAN

Ganesan, V.B, A French colony that fought the British.


Gill, K.L, Water crisis of east & west Punjab.

Hansard, East India Loans Bill.

Hansard, The Victories On The Sutlej - Battles Of Aliwal And Sobraon - Vote Of Thanks To The Army.


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Lal, Chaman, Rare documents on Bhagat Singh's trial and life in jail.

Lal, Chaman, Where has Mohammad Singh Azad Gone?

Ludden, David, Empire Meets Globalisation: Explaining Historical Patterns of inequity in South Asia.

Mander, Harsh, Barefoot: Colonial legacy of famine codes.

Marx, Karl, The Approaching Indian Loan.

Nageshwar ,Patnaik, Naxalite-turned leader believes khadi can alleviate misery of Kalahandi.

Nandy, Ashis , The Great Indian Love Affair With Censorship.

Nandy, Ashis , Theories of Oppression and Another Dialogue of Cultures.

Nandy, Ashis , An anti-secularist manifesto.

Nandy, Ashis , Narcissism and despair.

Nandy, Ashis , Culture, Voice and Development: a Primer for the Unsuspecting.

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Published By Authority, 1914, Memorandum On The Moral and Material Progress In The Punjab During The Years 1901-02 TO 1911 -12.

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Sail, Aagney, Background Information On Repressive Laws in India.


Shah, Alpa, Against Eco-incarceration: Class Struggle and Indigenous Rights in India.

Shah, Ramnik, Special Voucher Scheme Abolished.

Sharma, Vrinda, Cancer Bathinda's dubious distinction.

Sharma Singh, Parul, Steeped in history.

Simha, Vijay, The Poverty of Plenty.

Singh, Surinder, Punjab University, Chandigarh, Some Aspects of the Communist Movement in Colonial Punjab: Testimony of the Participants.

Singh, Jaspal , History of the Ghadar Movement.

Singh, Pritam, The idea of Punjabiyat.

Rex -v- Udham Singh, Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, E.C, Tuesday 4th June 1940.

Singh Bajwa, Kapur, 1925, A Study Of The Economic Effects Of The Punjab Colonies

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Thapar, Romila, Reporting History: Early India.

Gadar Party: bibliography,

Canal colonisation in the Punjab,

20 suspected Maoists killed in Chhattisgarh,

Why Balwant Singh Rajoana shouldn't be hanged,

How Else Did Undivided India Contribute To The First World War,

Talk:Udham Singh,

B.S.Goraya's Vanishing Punjab

Udham Singh - A short Biographical Sketch, from Police File MEPO 3/1743,

Minutes To Head Office: 6828 Udham Singh Excecuted,





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Additional reference material

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Udham Singh, alias, Ram Mohammed Singh Azad : Sikander Singh. 1998.

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Articles in the Udham Singh Reading Room

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Essays and articles in the Udham Singh Reading Room

Ali ,Imran, Sikh settlers in the western Punjab during British Rule.

Anand, Panini, Terrorism Isn't The Disease; Egregious Injustice Is'.

Badruddin, Asad, A Muslim Majority Indus Valley Civilization?

Bhabha, Homi, Narrating The Nation.